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Breeding Program

Breeding Goal and Breeding Program
The dual purpose cow with strong milk production is desirable. Also desirable is an average body size with a strong constitution, and with good udder. The important characteristics to be considered are:
Milk - the content of protein and the amount of somatic cells.
Slaughter cattle - classification in the SEUROP system primarily in the classes U and R .
Breeding Performance (Fitness) - longevity, easy calving, calf vitality, profitability, and adaptability.
Beef performance - young bulls
Since 1972 all the young bulls of the Fleckvieh breed have been tested for their performance by the breeding station method. Young bulls- testing
The testing of young bulls, in all the regions (insemination stations) of the country is controlled by one central organization, thus assuring quality control of the program. All bulls are tested by the same methods. The aim of the testing is to achieve 350-500 gravidities.
In the last year 93 young bulls were tested.
Progeny testing and breeding evaluations
The following characteristics are tested and evaluated:
  • Milk performance (milk production and the content of the milk components)
  • Milkability
  • Meat performance
  • Exterier (type traits)
  • Fertility
  • Healthy and congenital defects

Basic parameters of the breeding goal
Milk production 6 500 - 7 500 kg Milk
Protein content min. 3,5 %
Protein Fatt : Fett ration 1 : 1,15 - 1,20
Daily gain (fattend bulls) 1 300 g +
Age at firt calving 26 - 28 Monate
Calving period 380 Tage
Longevity 5 Laktationen
Live weight - Cows
                       - Bulls
650 -750 kg
1 200 - 1 300 kg
Back height - Cows
                      - Bulls
136 - 142 cm
150 - 158 cm

The details and assessment of the breeding values for particular characteristics are available only in Czech language. For details contact us on the address